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Stain, Stain Go Away!

Seems as though just about everyone is doing it these days! Getting that “Hollywood Smile” is a regular pastime and the number one requested cosmetic dentistry procedure. While many people buy the “drugstore brand” of whitener, our whitening procedure produces better results, and in only a fraction of the time.

Woman holding teeth whitening chart

Teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic dentistry procedure!

At our office we offer Spa Dent whitening products and can whiten in-house as well as provide take-home products. Spa Dent products are made of all natural ingredients and contain Xyliprox, a gel that eliminates sensitivity and helps remineralize tooth enamel.

Is Whitening for Everyone?

When it comes to teeth whitening (bleaching), it’s always best to begin in our office. We can advise you on whether you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. Those people with yellowish teeth typically have better results than those with brownish or grayish hues. Also, whiteners have no effect on tooth-colored composite fillings or teeth that are bonded, so whitening will only make these teeth stand out from the ones that do whiten.

Are In-Office Procedures Better than At-Home Procedures?

The whitening procedure that we do at SeaPort Dental generally takes about an hour and the results are immediate. After ensuring that the gums are protected, a bleaching agent is applied to the teeth and it does all the work!

Our office also dispenses Nite White or Polanight take-home kits along with a custom-made mouthpiece. These gels are generally used for two weeks in order to obtain the desired results. While you can purchase over-the-counter bleaching kits, you won’t get a custom-fitted mouthpiece with the it. Since a kit provided mouthpiece is one size fits all, it can allow your saliva to weaken the effectiveness of the gel and give you poor results.

Teeth whitening comparison

Notice the difference in the upper teeth in these two photos

Can I Go Overboard on Bleaching?

Believe it or not, bleaching can become addictive for some people who never believe that their teeth are white enough! This is dangerous because too much exposure to whitening agents may cause the tooth enamel to appear translucent and increase teeth and gum sensitivity and irritation.

And… you certainly don’t want your teeth to glow in the dark, do you? So be safe and know when to say when and that’s usually when the color of your teeth match the whites of your eyes!

Want to be really safe? Schedule an appointment with SeaPort Dental and let us make your smile shine! Give us a call to set up a convenient time to meet. You’ll be happy you did!